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After coaching and training entrepreneurs since 2002 to 7 and 8 figure exits, increased profits, high performance teams and to more time with friends and family, I thought it was time to share the key insights I've learned with as many entrepreneurs as possible. 

I hope you enjoy and take the lessons to help you grow your business!  It may be the best 38 minutes you invest in your business...
How to Accelerate Your Profits, End Chaos & Increase Your Impact! 
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Be Prepared To Take Notes. What You Learn Could Transform How You Manage Your Business.
What You Will Learn In This Presentation:
Lesson #1: The Main Reason Entrepreneurs Don't Reach Their Dreams... It's A Good News/ Bad News Story...

Lesson #2: "Y" You Profit. How Tiny Improvements In A Few Key Areas Will Boost Your Profits 80% and More...

Lesson #3: How One Simple Discipline Will End Chaos, Give You Peace of Mind AND Increase Accountability!

Warren Coughlin
Coach/Trainer/ Entrepreneur
About Your Presenter:
Warren Coughlin has been coaching and guiding entrepreneurs to success since 2002.  He has traditionally worked 1-1 with ethical, growth minded entrepreneurs. His clients have enjoyed 7 and 8 figure exits, national and international expansion, the development of high performance cultures and more time with friends and family. Warren particularly loves working with what he calls "Philanthrepreneurs", entrepreneurs who want to make a lot of money while making the world, or just their corner of it, a better place.
He is also a recovering lawyer, a college professor, an actor/theater director and a presentation trainer, ensuring his presentations are always lively and engaging.
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